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The International Sports Training Institute was Founded by Ben Simmons in 1998 , ISTI's mission is to provide an enhanced understanding of sports through the application of Ben Simmons' copyrighted sports curriculum, The 4 Principles of Sports Training and The 4 Foundations of Athletic Workouts.

ISTI and Ben's curriculum is used in countries all over the world, including Spain, England, Africa, Macedonia, Mexico, The Bahamas and many more. It is fast becoming the staple for how sports training should be administered.

The International Sports Training Institute, provides, TLC, team, lessons, and camp (clinics). They operate several gyms throughout the United States and are expanding to International locations currently.

ISTI sports has trained some of the biggest names in the sports world including the children of NBA greats, Steve Kerr, Peter Holt, Avery Johnson, Robert Horry, and many others. The best in the world send their players and children to ISTI.

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