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The International Sports Training Institute – Dakar, Senegal was founded by Ben Simmons in March of 2011. After traveling to Europe, England, Canary Island and Africa for several years, taking teams to play in international tournaments and holding basketball camps and clinics, Ben founded his first International company – ISTI Dakar.


ISTI- Dakar was founded to establish a true basketball institute in Africa that could give the country of Senegal, rich in talent, a place to bring players and learn basketball with a regular sports curriculum and a systematic approach. ISTI-Dakar quickly became the fastest growing basketball organization in Senegal.


With the help of The Ben Simmons Sports Foundation, Ben’s non-profit sports company, ISTI-Dakar was able to bring many African boys and girls to the USA to have the opportunity to attend school, play sports, and have a better understanding of Global perspectives.


ISTI-Dakar brought many Senegalese players to the USA including Tacko Fall(UCF), Pierre Sarr (Monmoth U),Galandou Cisse (LIU), and many others.


Fox Sports News - Interview from 2012 about Ben Simmons bring Tacko Fall (Tacko's 1st Television Interview), Ange Badji, Galandou Cisse, Khadre Diaw, and others to the USA through his Sports Foundation. The Ben Simmons Sports Foundation. ...


HAKEEMOLAJUWON Talking to @Ben_exclusive (BenX) in a Training session with Tacko Fall.

DAKAR is the capital of Senegal, in West Africa. It’s an Atlantic port on the Cap-Vert peninsula.

ISTI-Dakar, Senegal - STAFF and Athletes. Student Athletes are given 3 practices per week, English Classes and Transportation.

ISTI-Dakar Student Athletes visiting the USA.

Lamine Kamara, El Hadji & Pierre Sarr

ISTI Dakar provides basketball Teams, Lessons and Camps for boys and girls, through a highly selective interview and tryout process. Each player selected has to meet the highest standard of personal and athletic potential and growth.


Once players and coaches are invited into the ISTI Dakar family  they are then provided our enhanced educational services with the help of The Ben SImmons Sports Foundation. These services provide correct coaching techniques, planning and development for our staff, and english and school support for the players. Basketball training is handled through the use of the  BenX Training Systems.

At ISTI Dakar we have basketball teams that play tournaments in Africa against other select organizations and ISTI Dakar chooses a select group of players  to travel internationally to Europe and the USA  and play in tournaments. Some players are selected to participate in our special Global Basketball Foreign Player Intiative (GBFPI)  program held in the USA in the summers. These select players are given the oppotunity to travel to the USA and play for 6 weeks in basketball tournaments against USA teams in their age division.

The Manager of ISTI Dakar is Silma Ndiaye, and maybe contacted at

All coaches, players and interested persons must first register by clicking the link below. Once you have completed inputting your information we will contact you for an interview.


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